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Greener Gateways: Why a Timber Driveway Gate could be for you

Greener Gateways: Why a Timber Driveway Gate could be for you

Posted by Tom Rose on 13th May 2024

"Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned" - Peter Marshall

To start off with, it would be foolish of me to say that just because you buy a wooden gate (preferably one of ours) you're automatically more eco-friendly than you would be if you went with a metal one. Sadly, that isn't necessarily the truth.

It's all about the process, you see. Even if you're using an entirely natural product such as wood, there can still be elements of production that are somewhat less than savoury.

Sustainable Forestry

The Launceston Timber Co exclusively uses logs grown in accordance with strict FSC rules and regulations, as well as ensuring that trees are planted at a higher rate than they are cut down. This helps make forestry a net positive for the environment by absorbing CO2 emissions and storing the gas throughout the lifetime of a timber product, after which the wood can be left to compost and continue the cycle of growth. How cool is that?

How our gates are made

Our Timber Gates are manufactured and constructed on-site at our specialistsawmill and joinery workshop here in Launceston, Cornwall. Each gate is finished to a high quality, emphasising the premium nature of the timber used and the craftsmanship involved in their creation, ensuring a product that not only looks beautiful but lasts.

We specially select logs grown in the UK for three main reasons:

Fewer Road Miles

Simply put, trees grown and felled in the UK are cheaper and more readily available than trees grown elsewhere. This enables us to offer more competitive prices, as well as ensuring that there are as few travel miles as possible, leading to less pollution and less habitat destruction.

Supporting Local Communities

We're extraordinarily proud to be a British business. Keeping the majority of our sourcing within the UK also means that we're able to directly support families at home, strengthening local economies.

Better adapted materials

Timber that is grown locally is often better adapted for local environmental conditions such as moisture levels, overall climate, and pests. By choosing wood that is locally sourced, you’re not only giving yourself the best possible chance for a quality product but also ensuring ultimate durability due to its superior longevity and resistance to local environmental conditions.

Choosing your gate material

We offer a range of materials to suit you, each with its own unique properties.

When selecting materials fordriveway gates, it's crucial to consider both 'gate height' and 'gate width' as these dimensions significantly influence material choice based on environmental conditions and design preferences. For instance, areas prone to high winds may require gates with a height of 6ft to ensure durability and reduce maintenance needs.

An atractive logpile, stacked high with a clear blue sky behind it

Oak Timber Gates

Oak is known for its unparalleled strength, remarkable durability and its timeless, natural beauty. It's a traditional choice for many types of woodwork in the UK. A fairly premium wood, Oak timber gates will no doubt cost more, however, will last an exceedingly long time.

Redwood Timber Gates

Redwood is a popular choice because of its resistance to environmental factors such as rot, decay and insect damage. This makes it a particularly popular option for those living in damp areas with a large amount of rainfall, as well as those living in close proximity to woods and shrubland.

Iroko Timber Gates

The most exotic choice on our list, Iroko is the product of West Africa. Grown in countries such as Ghana, Guinea and Angola, Iroko or "African Teak" is also known for its durability and resistance to decay. It's particularly useful for those living in wet or coastal areas.

Please note that Iroko is not grown in the UK and has to be imported.


How do I measure for new driveway gates?

Measuring for your new gate is incredibly easy. We generally supply our gates pre-hung with their own gate posts to ensure a perfect fit, meaning you only need to measure the gap between the two ends of your walls or fences in millimetres.

Also, consider the style of gate that you're interested in. If you live in a particularly windy area, you may with to opt for a style that has space for the air to go, reducing strain on your gate. If privacy is perhaps your main concern, consider a tall,full-board style.

It's important to consider the 'ground level' when you measure for new driveway gates to ensure compliance with local regulations and planning permissions, which often specify the maximum allowed height from ground level. Please note that we cannot offer guidance on local planning matters, so it's crucial that you do your own research!

A fully boarded driveway gate, perfect for privacy

Oak Swan Neck Gates with Raised and Fielded Panelsa handsome driveway gate, with vertical "palisades" for air to escape on a windy day

Oak Swan Neck Palisade Style Gates

If you do wish to preserve the existing posts however, we’ll need to know the width between them. Preserving existing hardware also means that you’ll need to measure the position of each hinge.

Starting from the bottom, measure the total length of each post, before measuring the position of each hinge. We’ll need to know where each hinge is on a post, as well as the size of each hinge.

Are bespoke timber gates better than off-the-shelf gates?

While ready-made gates may be cheaper, like with anything bespoke, when buying ready-made and off-the-shelf driveway gates you risk having to deal with generic sizing issues, primarily when it comes to fitting an existing space.

Unless you get lucky and your existing gate posts are standard sizes and widths apart, there's always a chance that you won't be able to find gates that fit your specification without altering your home.

Whether this makes them inherently better is up to you, but I know what I'd pick

Do you offer automated gates?

Yes! We are able to provide automation hardware for all of our gates and can provide an installation and automation service for an additional fee.

Metal gate shoes, used for the automation of a driveway gate

Ironwork shoes for underground automation

Are Timber Driveway Gates Secure?

Timber gates can certainly offer more security than other materials. Denser than steel or aluminium, they have significantly more stopping-power compared to hollow metal bar stock, allowing you to protect your property without decreasing its curb appeal.

It's important to note that even with durable, low maintenance materials, there are still some maintenance requirements that need to be followed to get the most out of your gates and extend their lifespan.

Can You Install My New Driveway Gates?

Yes! We can get your new gates mounted and installed for a small additional fee.

Still not convinced? Have a chat with our sales team who can help answer any questions or guide you through the ordering process online, via email, or over the phonehere.