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Sawn Douglas Fir Beams, Untreated - Up to 4.8m

LTC134 -50-50-18
Short Description:
Douglas Fir Beams, with their superior strength-to-weight ratio, deliver dependable structural reinforcement for various residential and commercial structures.
Lead Time:
10-12 days
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Sawn Douglas Fir Beams, Untreated - Up to 4.8m

Discover the exceptional advantages of utilising Douglas Fir Beams in your construction projects. These beams provide robust structural support for residential and commercial buildings alike. With natural resistance to decay and insects, Douglas Fir Beams ensure longevity and reduce maintenance costs.

Their straight grain and fine texture enhance the aesthetic appeal, making them an ideal choice for exposed beams and architectural features. Enjoy dimensional stability, minimising warping, and ensuring lasting structural integrity. Embrace sustainability by choosing Douglas Fir beams sourced from responsibly managed forests. 

Some sections are very heavy, so lifting equipment maybe/will be required.